Mizo sex stories you can read here.

Mizo sex stories

Read in the hot Mizo sex stories that after friendship with the sister-in-law of the boutique, she got angry when the talk of sex came out of my mouth. One day he called me himself.

Friends, I was telling you the Mizo sex stories, who has a shop under my office, who looks like Chamiya.

Sister-in-law with boutique lost her hope
I had read till now that I had started liking Mizo a lot and wanted to fuck her.
The setting had also started with him, had also taken the phone number.
The mistake was so small that one day I openly told her that you look so hot that I feel like slapping and fucking you.
Mizo got angry after hearing this from my mouth and my hope of getting her fucked was shattered.

Then suddenly one day her phone rang on her own and she started waving to me asking how I look. Hearing this from his mouth my arms blossomed and the dead hope started to come alive. I started talking to him.

I said – you are very beautiful.
Mizo said – not like this, speak openly.

I said – you look amazing.
Mizo said that oh… not like that, speak exactly as you were speaking that day.
I told him- Hey, I had said that I had spoken by mistake that day. Today again how can I make the same mistake again.

Now Mizo shouted a little and said – do you speak or should I keep the phone?
I said – ok ok, I will tell.

Then I told her – Mizo, the truth is that I like your boobs very much. One day when you came to your shop drenched in rain on bike, I was looking at you from my office window. Then your wet bra was clearly visible from your top. At that time the nipples of your teats were visible. At that time I felt like running to you and sucking her. Drink all their milk.

Saying this, I stopped for a moment and started waiting to hear Mizo’s voice with the apprehension that she shouted now then she shouted.
But I could only hear the sound of his deep breaths.

I started speaking further – Then when you bent down to dry your hair, I got to see the inside from the deep throat of your top. Uff… Mizo, your full boobs were wreaking havoc inside. I have seen your boobs many times. When your white leggings were completely wet in the rain, then seeing your blue panties, I pacified my cock by shaking it twice in the office bathroom that day.

After saying this, I stopped once again and felt Mizo’s breath.
She was getting hot from my words.

I had told him about shaking his cock, then maybe he had become choosy inside.

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Now I have decided to continue speaking boldly – Mizo, looking at your big chubby ass and your panties visible from the side of your waist, it seemed that how beautiful you must be looking from inside. I really want to see your pussy, just whenever I see you wet in the rain, it seems like you are a real cupid, of course you look like a porn actress… I want to drink your milk Mizo, your I want to empty my tits completely, I want to suck your ass, I want to lick your armpits… and to put it bluntly, I want to fuck you hard. I want to fuck you very hard by pushing my pestle-like black cock in all three of your holes. I want to taste your pussy.

I said everything in one breath.
Mizo was just listening to me.

When my talk was over, I told her – Mizo, this is my heartfelt wish, which I have clearly told you.
Mizo said to me – what do you see in me like this… I used to think you very good, but you have crossed all the limits.

I told her that I had already told you that I see you every day and I find you very beautiful, but you were forcing me again and again, so I just spoke.

Mizo once again got very angry with me.
I started trying to persuade her.

I told him that I have made a mistake, I will never think of our friendship like this again. But don’t be offended.

She was not even ready to listen to me.
I thought that now this time I will lose her for sure.

I told her – really you look so amazingly beautiful that I could not control myself. Actually the fault is not mine, you seem to be such a murderer that no one can control himself by seeing you.

Mizo was just listening to me but she was probably still angry with me.
I told him- Please, whatever you say, I will do that… Just don’t get angry and don’t break our friendship.

Mizo said- No, I do not want such friends… who think like this about me. I thought you were very nice, I thought you would help me but you turned out to be just like everyone else.

I said to him – No man, it is not like that, you should speak, what help do you need. I definitely will.
Mizo said – No, I do not want anything from you. Just now I will never call you… and neither should you, otherwise I will come to your office and complain.

This scared me even more.
I told him- no don’t do that, I will do whatever you say, but don’t do that.

Mizo said- Ok will you do one thing for me?
I said without thinking anything – yes yes… why not, whatever you say, I will do that.

Mizo said- Ok will you do one thing for me?
I said without thinking anything – yes yes… why not, whatever you say, I will do that.
Mizo said- Look then don’t say that it is very difficult, I will not be able to do it.

I told him that I promise whatever you say, I will do that.
She said ok you come to my shop tomorrow afternoon, I will tell you there.

Mizo sex stories

Mizo sex stories

I said ok, but what time to come… and I don’t know your new shop.
Mizo told me the address of her changed shop and said – come to the shop tomorrow at 2 o’clock, don’t be late, otherwise I will complain about you.

I said – ok, I will come to your shop tomorrow at two o’clock.
Then he disconnected the call.

I was also a little scared that what would be Mizo’s work tomorrow and if I could not do it, would she really complain in my office and get me fired.
I was very scared but I had no other option.

I started thinking in my mind that fucker this pussy affair is very dangerous. Didn’t eat or drink anything, broke the glass twelve annas.
I fell asleep just like that and when I reached the office the next day, I was scared. Don’t know what Mizo was asking to get done.

Just like when it was two o’clock, I could not understand.

Then I quickly reached the address given by Mizo.
When I looked, there was a board of Mizo’s shop on the first floor in the corner.

I went up the stairs and when I reached outside the shop, I saw that Mizo was watching something on her mobile phone sitting inside.

Today she was wearing a blue kurta and tight white leggings.
Outside through the glass she could be seen sitting on the chair, in which her full ass was sticking to the chair like an inflated balloon.
She was looking amazing.

I heard a knock on the glass from outside.
Mizo saw me and gestured to come inside.

I went inside in fear.

Mizo got up from the chair and came to the counter and stood leaning a little forward and started looking at me.
As soon as she bowed down by keeping her elbows on the counter, the bra inside the neck from her top and half of her nipples were visible from that bra.

I immediately removed my eyes from there and started looking down.
On the glass counter below, I could see Mizo’s murderous eyes fixed on me.

He looked at me and said – why did my new shop look so good… I have just set up the whole shop.
I bowed down and said – very nice decoration.

Mizo now started leaning towards me a little more and said – why are you looking down now, look at me.
As soon as I raised my head to look at her, I could see the inside of her bra from her neck.
I quickly looked away from there and started looking here and there in the shop.

Then we started talking, but in between, my eyes kept coming to Mizo’s nipples trapped inside her bra.
Mizo also noticed that my eyes were looking at her nipples.

He said – You didn’t tell me, how am I looking today?
I said – you always look beautiful and you know about escort service Dehradun.

On this, Mizo started talking to me by bending even more and pressing her nipples on the glass, so that my attention would get stuck on her nipples again and again.

Mizo looked at me and said to me – No, that day you were saying that I want to drink your milk, I have to empty your teats completely.
Before she spoke anything further, I told her – I had said that by mistake and had also apologized to you for that.

I bowed my head down and said sorry again. But Mizo was laughing seeing me.
He said – then look up… there is no one in the shop right now, so do you want to drink my milk now? Have to empty my nipples completely? Look up and don’t speak!

She was now speaking in a somewhat louder voice.

I said – no sorry, that day it came out of my mouth by mistake.
Mizo said angrily to the liar – does this mean that now when I am alone, will you lick my armpit? fuck me hard Will you fuck me very hard by inserting your pestle-like black cock in all three of my holes? Will you taste my pussy?

I bowed my head down and said – No, no, he had left that day by mistake.
At that time I was very upset because now I was alone at her ladies item shop, lest she call her husband.

But I looked down that Mizo looked at me and said laughing – I thought you would really drink my milk, lick my pussy, really fuck me hard?

I lost my senses on hearing this.
When I raised my head, Mizo pulled my cheek and said – That’s why I called you idiot.
Now she started laughing.

When I looked into her eyes, Mizo was pressing her lips under her teeth with her murderous eyes and started making gestures while winking at me.

I understood and was very happy that at least now she will definitely give if not today then tomorrow.

Then Mizo said- tell more… Have you eaten the food or not?
I said – no, haven’t eaten yet.
Mizo said – then let’s eat now.

I said- where… here?
He said – yes right here, why do you have any objection?

I said no, will anyone see?
Mizo said that at this time no one comes to the shop in the afternoon and my husband has gone to Mumbai to buy the shop’s goods, so he cannot come.

I started looking in the shop to see what kind.
There were many different types of modern dresses for women in Mizo’s shop.

Mizo was also looking at me and talking to me in between.
Then Mizo came out from the counter and said to me – you stay inside,



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Hindi sex story Student

मुझे वर्तमान में मेरे छात्र द्वारा ब्लैकमेल किया जा रहा है। मैं 46 वर्ष का हूं, खुशी से विवाहित हूं (मेरा प्यारा पति 50 वर्ष का है)। मैं यहाँ सिंगापुर में एक वरिष्ठ शिक्षक हूँ।

मेरे बारे में संक्षिप्त विवरण। मैं १. ८ मीटर (लगभग ५ फीट १० इंच) लंबा हूं, मैं एक चीनी सिंगापुरी हूं, प्लस साइज पर थोड़ा सा। मेरे बिल्कुल सीधे लंबे जेट काले बाल हैं। मेरे कई सहयोगियों ने मुझे बताया कि मैं बिल्कुल एम्मा बट के एशियाई संस्करण की तरह दिखता हूं।

यह एक दिन शुरू हुआ, जब केवल 19 साल की एक छात्रा ने मुझे अपना व्यवसाय करते हुए स्कूल के महिला शौचालय में फिल्माया। शनिवार का दिन था और आसपास ज्यादा छात्र नहीं थे। यह लड़का स्कूल में एक परेशानी पैदा करने वाला है, और इसे संभालना सबसे कठिन है। हालांकि वह काफी लोकप्रिय है, हमेशा समान – जैसे दोस्तों के साथ धूम्रपान और स्कूल के बाहर घूमना।

जब उसने मुझे वीडियो दिखाया, तो मैं दंग रह गया। मैंने उसे एक जोरदार थप्पड़ मारा, और वह एक गलती थी। उन्होंने कहा कि वह अपने सभी दोस्तों को वीडियो व्हाट्सएप करेंगे। मैंने उससे न करने की विनती की। उसने मुझे बताया कि उसके पास मेरे लिए योजनाएँ हैं। मुझे पहले कभी इस तरह अपमानित नहीं किया गया था।

मैंने अपने पति को इस बारे में घर पर बताया और वह बहुत परेशान हुए। हमने इस बहुत शरारती लड़के से वीडियो डिलीट करने की भीख मांगी, लेकिन उसने मना कर दिया। उसने मेरे पति से मेरी नग्न तस्वीरें लेने के लिए भी कहा। मेरे पति के पास ऐसा करने के अलावा कोई चारा नहीं था।

हम बहुत व्यथित थे, मुझे विश्वास नहीं हो रहा था कि मैं, जो इस लड़के की माँ बनने के लिए पर्याप्त उम्र का है और इस तरह से ब्लैकमेल किया जा रहा है।

मेरा खतरा यहीं खत्म नहीं होता है। उसके ठीक दो दिन बाद, लड़के ने मुझे उसके घर जाने और अपने पति को साथ लाने का आदेश दिया। मेरी शर्मिंदगी को और बढ़ाने के लिए, उसने मुझे पहनने के लिए एक लाल रंग की पोशाक दी (या यह सिर्फ एक कपड़ा है?) इसे छह इंच की हील्स के साथ जोड़ा गया है। हम उस पोशाक को देखकर लगभग रो पड़े। इसने मुझे मुश्किल से कवर किया! एक गिरती हुई नेकलाइन के साथ पोशाक लगभग मेरी कमर जितनी ऊँची थी। अपमानजनक।

जब हम उसके घर गए, तो मुझे पता चला कि यह एक खराब पड़ोस में है, वहां के फ्लैट किराए के फ्लैट हैं, जो जरूरतमंदों के लिए हैं। यह निश्चित रूप से उस समृद्ध जीवन से दूर है जिसे मैंने और मेरे पति ने साझा किया था, हम एक बड़े मकान में एक पूर्णकालिक नौकरानी और एक निजी ड्राइवर के साथ रहते थे। दोपहर का समय था, और धूप तेज थी।

हमारे ड्राइवर ने हमें हमारी मर्सिडीज से उतारा और हम ब्लॉक तक गए। लिफ्ट काम नहीं कर रही थी (और वैसे भी उसमें पेशाब, शराब आदि की गंध आ रही थी)। वह पांचवी मंजिल पर रहता था। मेरे हास्यास्पद लंबे जूतों में सीढ़ियों से ऊपर जाने के अलावा हमारे पास कोई विकल्प नहीं था। वह लड़का हमसे उतरते समय मुस्कुराता हुआ मिला। हम उस पर बहुत पागल थे!

“आप हमें कहाँ ला रहे हैं?” मेरे पति ने पूछा।

उसने हमें उसका अनुसरण करने के लिए कहा। जब हम ऊपर पहुंचे, तो हम दोनों पसीना बहा रहे थे और जोर से हांफ रहे थे, लेकिन लड़का इतना फिट था कि उसे कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता। मेरे पति मोटे हैं, मधुमेह के रोगी हैं और उन्हें हृदय की समस्या है। उसे लग रहा था कि वह गिर सकता है।

मैं भी, हालांकि मैं बहुत लंबा हूं (मैं 1. 78 मीटर लंबा हूं), प्लस साइज पर हूं। जैसे ही हम दोनों अपनी सांस पकड़ने के लिए रेलिंग को पकड़ते हैं, मेरे मोटे चश्मे के कोने से (मैं उनके बिना लगभग अंधा हूं) मैंने देखा कि युवा बदमाशों का एक समूह हमारा इंतजार कर रहा है, सभी एक-दूसरे को हाई फाइव दे रहे हैं। वे उसके दोस्त थे, हालांकि मेरे छात्र नहीं थे।

मैंने लड़के से कहा, “मैंने सोचा था कि यह केवल यू जेरेमी था!” मेरे फुसफुसाहट और फुसफुसाहट के बीच … उसने बस इसे हँसा दिया और मुझे बदबूदार घर में प्रवेश करने के लिए कहा। मेरी परीक्षा अभी शुरू हुई थी…

जब हम यूनिट में दाखिल हुए तो मेरे पति और मैं बहुत घबराए और डरे हुए थे। यह छोटा और गंदा था। खाली बीयर की बोतलें, सीरिंज और सिगरेट से भरा हुआ। जब हम अंदर गए तो लड़के मुझे सीटी बजा रहे थे।

“क्या यह वह जगह है जहाँ आप रहते हैं, जेरेमी?” मैंने लड़के से पूछा। “जहां अपने माता – पिता हैं?”

जेरेमी हँसे और मुझसे चुप रहने को कहा। उन्होंने हमें एक गंदे सोफे पर बिठाया। कहने की जरूरत नहीं है कि जब मैं बैठ गया तो मेरी पोशाक मेरे कूल्हों तक चली गई, इसलिए, लड़कों को मेरी पैंटी देखने से रोकने के लिए मैंने जल्दी से अपने लंबे पैरों को पार कर लिया।

मैंने जेरेमी के प्रति सख्त होने की कोशिश की। मैंने भारी आह भरते हुए कहा, “देखो, इस खेल को युवा लड़के को रोकना है। क्या यह पैसा है जो आप चाहते हैं? हमारे पास बहुत कुछ है। ”

“नहीं श्रीमती हो, हम आपको दिन-रात चोदना चाहते हैं, जो कि कई में से पहला है,” जेरेमी ने कहा।

उसके दोस्त हँसे। मैं हक्का-बक्का रह गई और अपने पति का हाथ गले लगा लिया। मेरे पति लाल थे – गुस्से का सामना कर रहे थे, लेकिन साथ ही, मुझे पता था कि वह भी डरे हुए थे और इन 7 उग्र दिखने वाले, और भारी टैटू वाले किशोरों के खिलाफ वह कुछ नहीं कर सकते। ऐसा लगता है कि वे एक स्थानीय ट्रायड गिरोह से संबंधित हैं।

“कृपया, उस शब्द को जेरेमी मत कहो। यह कठोर है। ” इससे उन्हें और भी हंसी आई।

एक लड़के (जिसका मुझे बाद में पता चला कि उसका नाम कुमार था) ने मुझे अपनी बांह से पकड़ लिया और मुझे उस यूनिट के इकलौते बेडरूम में खींच लिया। मैं अपनी 6 इंच की एड़ी के साथ विशेष रूप से उससे अधिक ऊपर उठा, लेकिन वह इतना मजबूत है। बाकी ने पीछा किया।

“यहाँ रहो मिस्टर हो, एक अच्छे इंसान बनो। “मेरे पति ने सिर हिलाया, उसके चेहरे पर एक चिंता भरी नज़र थी, यह जानते हुए कि उसकी पत्नी का कुछ समय में सामूहिक बलात्कार होगा

Desi uncle sex story is about my sex

sex story

Desi uncle sex story is about my sex relationship with my father’s friend. Uncle’s eyes were on me and my eyes were on Uncle’s cock! It just started happening.

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Hello, in the next part of this sex story, I welcome the boys swinging cocks in search of pussy and my sisters walking around in search of cocks.
back part
Showing the body to brother’s friend
I have read till now that Uncle was getting anxious to enjoy my youth and I was getting happy being upset with him.

Now Next Desi Uncle Sex Story:

After a few moments Omi Uncle said to me – wait, I see some place.

He left saying this and came back after sometime and came to pick me up.
Uncle held my arm and said – let’s get arranged.

Then he took me back to the same hall where the papers were being collected.
The hospital doctor’s car was parked there and it was probably the private parking of that hospital.

Uncle sat in a small empty space next to the same car.
There was complete silence on that side, so that uncle grabbed my waist and made me sit on his lap.

Uncle said – saw … I am not afraid of your aunt.

I sat happily in his lap, so I started running my mobile.

Uncle asked- Which boy are you talking to?
I hurriedly said – not to anyone.

Changing the attitude of the matter, he said – Hey she must be doing it with her boyfriend, why would there be someone!

By now I have understood that in this way Uncle wants to take the matter forward.
I said – Oh no uncle, I have no boyfriend. Anyway, I don’t like boys.

Asking in a slightly different tone, Uncle said – you do not have any interest in boys… so in whom?
I said – Hey uncle, I meant that I am not interested in boys of my age, who only see the body. I like older men like you.

Hearing this, Uncle let out a long breath and said – why in me… I mean what is the specialty of you at my age?

I said – see now, if there was a boy now … then he would have needed something in return for so much work. But now it is you who do all my work selflessly. You are with me from this morning, that too without any complaint.

Uncle laughed and said – well, this is it. But I am still not sure because you are so beautiful and so hot… then someone must be after you.

Saying this, Uncle took my mobile from my hand and said – if you do not have any affair then let me check your mobile.

I thought that I really do not talk like this to anyone and I had deleted the message of my brother’s friend who had fucked me.
There is probably nothing like this in my mobile, so I opened the mobile lock and gave it to them.

Now he started watching mobile next to me. I could see everything from the side too.

At first he checked my WhatsApp and like this everyone else kept watching.

In the end, when he did not get anything, he started opening the gallery of my mobile.

Now I tried to snatch the mobile from him because it had my nude photos and blue film.

But Uncle grabbed both my hands with one hand and started looking.

At first he saw my photos, which were first simple, then hot and then some naked.
Seeing him, Uncle said – you are very hot…

And then after seeing the blue film, he gave me the mobile and said – you do not worry, I will not speak to anyone in your house. It is common to see all this at this age.

He told that when he was my age, he also used to see books with nude photos.

By now Uncle’s cock had become completely tight.

Then there was the sound of someone coming there, so both of us quickly left from there.

When I came out, my number had arrived. I took my paper and went inside to get checked.

After reaching there, the doctor said – sit here and drink a lot of water. When the bathroom is fast, then come.

Uncle brought me a two liter water bottle. After sometime when I found the bathroom, I came inside. I also called my uncle along with me.

After reaching inside, the doctor first asked him to lie down. Then he asked to pick up my T-shirt.

Uncle lifted my T-shirt in such a way that his hands touched my entire stomach.
Then Uncle folded the T-shirt and placed his hand on my teat, for which I also did not tell him anything.

After getting checked again, when I got down from the table, Uncle cleaned the gel on my stomach with his handkerchief.
The doctor did an ultrasound by applying the same gel.

Then after some time the report was also received, with which we both came out.

After leaving the hospital, Uncle said – Let’s eat something first, you haven’t eaten anything since morning.
I said – no uncle, now I will go home and eat.

Uncle said – well, but the thing is that I am also hungry with you since morning and there will be no time to go home to eat anything.
I told Uncle- Hey then you too come home with me, you too will have breakfast.

Uncle agreed.

We both came to my house.

Uncle took me off the bike and said – you come in, I will come in just 10 minutes.

Uncle left me and left.

I came inside and saw my mother, she was ready to go somewhere.

I asked him- where are you going?
He asked me- first you tell me what happened?

I told them – nothing special, everything is normal.
So the mother said – okay, I am going to the temple. You make breakfast and eat it.

As soon as my mother left, I took off my bra and panties and kept wearing only skirt and T-shirt.