Desi uncle sex story is about my sex

sex story

Desi uncle sex story is about my sex relationship with my father’s friend. Uncle’s eyes were on me and my eyes were on Uncle’s cock! It just started happening.

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Hello, in the next part of this sex story, I welcome the boys swinging cocks in search of pussy and my sisters walking around in search of cocks.
back part
Showing the body to brother’s friend
I have read till now that Uncle was getting anxious to enjoy my youth and I was getting happy being upset with him.

Now Next Desi Uncle Sex Story:

After a few moments Omi Uncle said to me – wait, I see some place.

He left saying this and came back after sometime and came to pick me up.
Uncle held my arm and said – let’s get arranged.

Then he took me back to the same hall where the papers were being collected.
The hospital doctor’s car was parked there and it was probably the private parking of that hospital.

Uncle sat in a small empty space next to the same car.
There was complete silence on that side, so that uncle grabbed my waist and made me sit on his lap.

Uncle said – saw … I am not afraid of your aunt.

I sat happily in his lap, so I started running my mobile.

Uncle asked- Which boy are you talking to?
I hurriedly said – not to anyone.

Changing the attitude of the matter, he said – Hey she must be doing it with her boyfriend, why would there be someone!

By now I have understood that in this way Uncle wants to take the matter forward.
I said – Oh no uncle, I have no boyfriend. Anyway, I don’t like boys.

Asking in a slightly different tone, Uncle said – you do not have any interest in boys… so in whom?
I said – Hey uncle, I meant that I am not interested in boys of my age, who only see the body. I like older men like you.

Hearing this, Uncle let out a long breath and said – why in me… I mean what is the specialty of you at my age?

I said – see now, if there was a boy now … then he would have needed something in return for so much work. But now it is you who do all my work selflessly. You are with me from this morning, that too without any complaint.

Uncle laughed and said – well, this is it. But I am still not sure because you are so beautiful and so hot… then someone must be after you.

Saying this, Uncle took my mobile from my hand and said – if you do not have any affair then let me check your mobile.

I thought that I really do not talk like this to anyone and I had deleted the message of my brother’s friend who had fucked me.
There is probably nothing like this in my mobile, so I opened the mobile lock and gave it to them.

Now he started watching mobile next to me. I could see everything from the side too.

At first he checked my WhatsApp and like this everyone else kept watching.

In the end, when he did not get anything, he started opening the gallery of my mobile.

Now I tried to snatch the mobile from him because it had my nude photos and blue film.

But Uncle grabbed both my hands with one hand and started looking.

At first he saw my photos, which were first simple, then hot and then some naked.
Seeing him, Uncle said – you are very hot…

And then after seeing the blue film, he gave me the mobile and said – you do not worry, I will not speak to anyone in your house. It is common to see all this at this age.

He told that when he was my age, he also used to see books with nude photos.

By now Uncle’s cock had become completely tight.

Then there was the sound of someone coming there, so both of us quickly left from there.

When I came out, my number had arrived. I took my paper and went inside to get checked.

After reaching there, the doctor said – sit here and drink a lot of water. When the bathroom is fast, then come.

Uncle brought me a two liter water bottle. After sometime when I found the bathroom, I came inside. I also called my uncle along with me.

After reaching inside, the doctor first asked him to lie down. Then he asked to pick up my T-shirt.

Uncle lifted my T-shirt in such a way that his hands touched my entire stomach.
Then Uncle folded the T-shirt and placed his hand on my teat, for which I also did not tell him anything.

After getting checked again, when I got down from the table, Uncle cleaned the gel on my stomach with his handkerchief.
The doctor did an ultrasound by applying the same gel.

Then after some time the report was also received, with which we both came out.

After leaving the hospital, Uncle said – Let’s eat something first, you haven’t eaten anything since morning.
I said – no uncle, now I will go home and eat.

Uncle said – well, but the thing is that I am also hungry with you since morning and there will be no time to go home to eat anything.
I told Uncle- Hey then you too come home with me, you too will have breakfast.

Uncle agreed.

We both came to my house.

Uncle took me off the bike and said – you come in, I will come in just 10 minutes.

Uncle left me and left.

I came inside and saw my mother, she was ready to go somewhere.

I asked him- where are you going?
He asked me- first you tell me what happened?

I told them – nothing special, everything is normal.
So the mother said – okay, I am going to the temple. You make breakfast and eat it.

As soon as my mother left, I took off my bra and panties and kept wearing only skirt and T-shirt.

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